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Future of Hearthstone Castle

Already showing signs of deterioration at the time of the City of Danbury’s purchase, the Castle has badly deteriorated over the ensuing years due to water damage that has caused the structure to be boarded up and declared unsafe for entry by visitors. While the exterior walls remain largely intact, the roof and floor have been structurally undermined leaving the interior in need of total renovation.

A Grant from the State of Connecticut, Department of Economic and Community Development in the amount of $50,000 study was completed September 2013 to determine whether or not the castle was worth saving.  The multi-disciplined approach to examine the present state, community feedback, site feasibility, economic impact, structural integrity, and marketing outline determined the Hearthstone Castle was definitely worth saving.  It has been so determined at this point that preservation of the castle is key to the integrity of our town and its history has a regional impact. In February 2014 the City of Danbury, with the Friends of Tarrywile Park (FOT) and along with the Tarrywile Park Authority (TPA) applied for $20,000 grant from the CT Trust for Historic Preservation, via the Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Grant, in order to stabilize and secure Hearthstone Castle.  We consider this our town jewel, our “inhabitable castle on the woods.”

The Hearthstone Castle continues to be a vital component of Danbury’s Historic Culture and economic vitality’s as it majestically sits overlooking Danbury Central Business District and beyond.  The preservation of Hearthstone Castle, in its present state, will continue to be an attraction to Tarrywile Park’s 700+ acres and Danbury’s greater community. The Hearthstone Castle is strategically located within the Ives Trail network, linking the communities of Bethel, Danbury and Ridgefield. Additionally, Hearthstone Castle is within walking distance to the Charles Ives House, and the Danbury Museum’s Scott Fanton complex on lower Main Street in Danbury.

This grant, along with the financial support of the City of Danbury up to $25,000, offers a combined $95,000 to improving the Hearthstone Castle from its present state.   Our combined efforts will assist both FOT and TPA to continue to solicit additional financial support from local, regional and national private and public entities.

We will keep you posted as the status of the pending grant as well as any clean up activities.  If you wish to consider  making a specific donation to the Castle please contact us as we can “earmark” / restrict” your contribution.